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The Wolf Morning Show
Brad Streeter and Cathy Carrier
Weekday Mornings 6am - 10am
Saturdays 6am - 10am

To put it bluntly, Brad Streeter and Cathy Carrier have "been around the block" a few times in Wichita radio. And the Wolf couldn't be happier to have them both back together as a DUO in mornings! While Brad may think he's the one steering the ship in the mornings, we all know Cathy is the one who's keeping things headed down the right path. AH. WHO WE KIDDIN? These two can get totally squirrely at any moment. So don't miss a minute of The Wolf Morning Show!


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Pat James
Mid-days 10am - 2pm
Saturdays 10am - 2pm

Hey, it's Pat James, thanks for howling with The Wolf at work every weekday with me from 10a-2p! I'll clean, WRAP up what Brad and Cathy started...100 Non-Stop Minutes of Wichita's Most Country from 9am until 10:40am. The PERFECT way to start your workday! NO COMMERCIALS? Cool, huh?

I live in West Wichita with my wife of 18 years, Tracy, and our daughters Ally & Abby. Just like the rest of the gang on The Wolf, you can follow me on Facebook. Come be my friend...I'm online more than I probably should be...Click here to send me a FB friend request!

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Colby Ericson
Weekday Afternoons 2pm - 7pm
Saturdays 2pm - 7pm

Hi, I'm Colby Ericson. Kansan since 1982! Graduate of Claflin High '84, Claflin, KS and Fort Hays State University-1994. No I didn't spend 10 years in college, I joined the United States Air Force after High School.

Here are the answers to the 10 Most asked Questions...Yes I have a Dog. I love Country Music, I also like rock, especially 80's rock! 17. Coke. Spaghetti or Chipotle. College Basketball. Chicago. Madyson and Reece. Golf. Thanks for asking! Follow Me On Facebook ...Click here!

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Weekday Nights
Patrick Murphy
Weekday Nights 7pm - 12am
Saturdays 7pm - 12am

Hi, I'm Patrick Murphy. I'm the guy who likes to howl at the moon here on The Wolf.

I grew up in Greensburg, KS. I loved radio as a kid. I'd spend Sunday afternoons listening to WGN Chicago on my crystal radio set. Even though my home was way out in Western Kansas, I was able to pick up Wichita radio stations on my stereo and knew that was what I wanted to do. I started my radio career over 20 years ago at KSCB in Liberal, KS. It's hard to believe it's been that long! Since then, I've worked at several different stations here in Wichita. Working on The Wolf is about as much fun as you can get!

My wife Deb works for the Wichita Water Department. We have one daughter, Evie, who keeps us extremely busy! I like to go camping in Colorado and work on computers,. I also do a weekly podcast from my home recording studio.

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Doug Downs
Doug Downs
Sundays 12pm - 3pm
Trace Taul
Trace Taul
Sundays 3pm - 6pm
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson
Sunday Nights 6pm-12M
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